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This is a list of our upcoming auctions. Some of these auctions may only be at the beginning stages of our preparations, so information may not be available yet. A list of items and pictures will be available when the auction draws closer and becomes our "Current Auction". Check our "Current Auction" section for more detailed information.

The Paxton Littlepage Estate

The Incredible Lifelong Firearm
Collection of  Texas Collector
The Late
Paxton King Littlepage


Paxton King Littlepage was born in Waco on June 4, 1941, and died in Waco on February 28, 2015.  He was a lifelong resident of Mart except for the years he attended the University of Texas at Austin.

After graduating from UT, from which he received his business and law degrees, he practiced law in Mart.  Besides practicing law, he was the third generation to own and operate Littlepage Funeral Home in Mart, which his grandfather, E.P. Littlepage, Sr., established in 1916.  During the 1970s and 1980s Paxton served as Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace.  From 1984 until his death he served on the board of directors of the First National Bank of Central Texas.

When Paxton was a little boy, he methodically collected toy guns.  Through the years his collection evolved to reflect his passionate love of both history and firearms.


Two day special spring auction will include approximately 750 Firearms handpicked from this collection that will feature the ancestry of the entire Remington 700s, many of which were used in the research and photography for “The Remington 700, A History and Users Manual, 25 Years, 1962-1987” by John L. Lacy.  Remingtons include rarities such as high grade Rifles, like the Secretary of Navy Trophy Rifle and others.

One of the finest and most extensive collections of High Standard Pistols, many New in Box.

Extensive collection of Shilen Rifles in many unusual and desirable calibers.

Large collection of Winchester Rifles including a magnificent group of Model 70s plus Models 42s, 43s, 52s, 75s, 73s, 12s, 97s, 61s, 62As, 63s, 69s, 71s, ’06s, 37s, and others.

Extremely fine collection of Hammerli Custom Target Pistols.

Large and extensive collection of Smith & Wesson Revolvers, most all models and barrel lengths, some scarce.

Two Merkel Shotguns • W. Glaser • Ferlach • Ludwig Borovnik • Heckler & Koch • F.W. Heym • Steyr • Oberndorf • Anschutz • J.P. Sauer •
Benelli • Sig 210 • Weatherby • Rossi • Ithaca • L.C. Smith • Sharps • Kimber • Browning • BSA • Sako • Star • Rock Island • Walther • Beretta •  large group of Ruger hand guns and Rifles • Thompson • Glock • Stevens • Husqvarna • Marlin • very large collection of Colt Single Action
Revolvers • Double Action Revolvers • Custom model 1911s. 
Military Arms including Lugers • Broom handle Mausers • Mauser Werke • Fabrique National • Military Long Arms • U.S. •  German and others. 

Many name brand Scopes and Binoculars by Zeiss, Swarovski, Leupold, and many others.

Groupings of ammunition.  Holsters.  Vast Firearms Reference Library.

To order your 140 page, color catalog you may contact the A&S Auction office by calling 254-799-6044 or mailing check to
A&S Auction Co., - 2524 S. Robinson Dr., - Waco, Texas - 76706.
Catalogs are $25.00 and include priority shipping.
Auction will be held at the A&S Auction Co., Facility, 900 E. Loop 340, Waco, Texas.


Special Winter Auction

Huge 2-Day Winter Auction
Sat. Jan. 16th & 17th 2016 - Waco, Texas
Public Preview Thursday Jan. 14th & Friday Jan. 15th. 10 am - 5pm.


The Balance of the Ruth Johnson Collection from Ocean side California.  Her collection liquidation began last year with over 3000 firearms and now we are selling the balance of over 400 firearms, plus literally
thousands of firearm related items and sporting goods.  Some of which have been in storage since the 1950s.

•Firearms will range from new /old stock in original boxes to vintage long guns & handguns, WWII, Civil war
  weapons, to sporting rifles.  There will be several lots of firearms sold in groups that need attention.

•Several hunting & folding knives like Randall, Gerber, Buck, S&W, KA-Bar, Puma, Case, Schrade, Old Timer,
  Kershaw, Columbia River Knife & Tools, plus many others.  Some will be sold in large groups.

•Large groups of rifle & rare 30 cal. Machine Gun Barrels, Large collection of Scopes NIB to hundreds of bases &   
  scope rings.  Several large boxes of single action parts, cylinders & barrels.  Large groups of WWII rifles & pistol  

•100s of new /old stock holsters, western, military, law enforcement belts & pouches.  Extensive group of re loading  
  equipment, most new in box with dies for many calibers.

•1000s of rounds of ammunition, NIB

•Large group of magazines for all makes and models of handguns and rifles. Many per lot.

•100s of pieces of vintage advertising banners and store cards.  

•Two vintage American Flyer trains and accessories.

•Several unique vintage table model showcases for miniature wooden props, Veco miniature rubber tires, knife cases and floor model showcases.

•Large collection of vintage mule deer mounts, sold as is, some huge racks.

•Large group lots of rifle stocks, wooden and nylon.  Many per lot

•Large collection of new / old stock BB and Pellet guns.  Both rifles and pistols.

•Huge collection of NIB vintage model cars, ships, military automobiles, air planes.  Over 100

•Huge collection of new old stock leather holsters. 100s sold in large lots.

•Large quantities of NIB gun cleaning equipment many per lot

•Boxes of gun related books. 100s

•Firearms will include over 150 long guns, and 250 handguns: Colt, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, Spencer, Remington, Springfield, Webly, Hopkins & Allen plus many more.

This massive collection will be divided into two days, selling approximately 400 per day.  Thousands of items.   Bring your trucks and trailers!

Note: This is not a picture catalog, but we will have a complete listing, giving sale order and brief
description of each lot.  These will be handed out at sign in.  Or email us at asauctions@yahoo.com for
complete listing.

We charge a 5% convenience fee for absentee and telephone bidding. We do not charge an in house buyer's premium.

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